Thursday, January 21, 2016

Young brother Bahrun Naim talk

KITAB SOLO-Family Bahrun Naim (32) alias alias Abu Rayyan Anggih Tamtomo spoke Bahrun alleged involvement in terrorist acts in Indonesia, especially the bomb Thamrin, last Thursday.

Bahrun younger brother Naim, Dahlan Zaim (26), confirms that the actions taken by Bahrun the personal responsibility of his brother, and has nothing to do with the family.TONS

Naim, residents suspected brain Solo, Jakarta bomb attack

KITAB SOLO_ Bahrun  Naim alias Anggih, citizens Solo, now sticking after terror bombings and a shooting in front of the Sarinah shopping center on Thursday. Naim accused of being the brains behind the attack.

Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General of Police yesterday Tito Karnavian call terror is the kind of action which is headed Naim network in order to be seen to exist. Naim ambitious to want to set up and lead Katibah archipelago, wing extremist organization Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS) for the Southeast Asian region.tons

Kostum 11 negara Asean bakal ramaikan SBC 2019

KITABSOLO- Ajang tahunan Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) kembali dihelat di Solo, Jawa Tengah. Penyelenggaraan SBC ke XII tahun ini ber...